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Grandparent canoe

Grandparent/Grandchild Canoe


This 16-foot Grandparent/Grandchild Canoe was inspired by my own grandchildren. They love time on the water in canoes or boats. The company of their enthusiastic black labrador dog adds to the fun. They enjoy getting out with their parents and their grandparents. They watch for the bobber to plunge and then pull in panfish with shouts of glee. Prowling along the shores they hunt crawdads, spawning suckers, minnows and various insects especially the caddis fly in his many disguises. They marvel at the soaring eagles and the nesting loons. Flotillas of ducklings feeding and fleeing are an attraction.

The canoe has a lot of volume for safety and really good secondary stability so it won’t tip when the dog, Storm, lurches to collect something from the water. The full “cheeks” give it floatation in the ends to keep out waves when we go out in a brisk “northeaster” to “break waves” and play in the surf.

The seats are low so that small paddles can reach the water and the canoe has a very safe low center of gravity. The wide, hand-caned seats have room for more than one small bottom and make it comfortable and easy to trim the canoe as the dog and children move about. The bright tulip yellow colour is easy to find on the lake when the children are older and they have taken the canoe out alone and you want to keep track of where they are and what they are likely doing. The seats placed closer to midships and low down make it a great solo boat for when the grandparent wants some “alone time” and a chance to quietly follow the lakeside animals, watch the birds, or see what the neighbors are up to.

Depth amidships is 12″. Beam is 36″. It weighs 68 pounds(31kg). $2900 + 5%PST


Artists canoe

Artist’s Canoe


This 16-foot Artist’s Canoe has ample capacity for overnight gear and a large assortment of artist’s supplies and/or photographic equipment. The sky blue colour blends in with the water and sky so it is easy to be inconspicuous. The full shallow arched hull shape and the extra depth mean that the large amount of cargo leaves lots of freeboard above the water level. Full “cheeks” mean flotation in the ends so that standing and moving waves stay outside the canoe even when the artist is occupied. The materials of the canoe mean that it can move noiselessly as you follow a beaver on her way home from work in the misty dawn. A mink hunting along shore can be oblivious to the observer who is in this canoe. The seats are hand-caned to extra width so the paddler can trim the canoe for the best position to travel safely and to document the landscape. There is a portage yoke for single-handed carrying.

Depth amidships is 13 1/4″. Beam is 34 1/2″.

It weighs 80 pounds(36kg). $2800 + 5%PST  –  SOLD



Woodsmans canoe

Woodsman’s Canoe


The 17-foot Woodsman’s Canoe has high points on the ends to ensure floatation in waves, The forest green colour is inconspicuous amongst the trees. A sharp entry and exit makes for true tracking and ease of paddling while the large central volume will accommodate a large load. The stained interior is camouflaged from overhead. The thwarts and two seats make a very rigid hull and tend to baffle a load from shifting fore and aft. Hand caned seats are comfortable and the portage yoke allows easy single handed carrying.

The depth amidships is 12 3/4″. The beam is 34 1/2″. It weighs 78 pounds(35kg). $2500 + 5%PST –  SOLD


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