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Sales include completed canoes, canoes made to order, reconstruction work,

and some materials for canoes.



Completed Canoes

The current inventory of canoes that are¬†immediately available is at the “CANOE SHOWROOM” page.


People have found it convenient to visit Saskatchewan, pick up a canoe at the shop, enjoy a paddling holiday (most of Saskatchewan is forested and has excellent lake and river systems), and return home with the canoe.


Canoes Made to Order

Custom canoes are available after agreement on the details. A deposit of $500 is required with the order. A payment of $500 is required upon completion of the canoe body. The outstanding amount is due on delivery.


Reconstruction Work

Reconstruction jobs can be done after the canoe has been surveyed, an agreement with the owner has been reached, and a deposit to cover the anticipated cost of materials for the job has been paid.


Wood canvas Canoe Materials

Materials for these canoes are usually available. Please contact Tom Evans for details (see the “HOME” page).